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Our Team In action

We’re seasoned Toronto real estate investors with a common mission: to create much-needed new housing options for the City of Toronto through gentle densification of low-rise neighbourhoods while generating additional investment returns.

This is now possible with Laneway Suite or Garden Suite builds in Toronto, so you can truly unlock the full value on your property.

Simon La

Simon found out the hard way that investing in Toronto real estate can be profitable, but it also has its own challenges. He figured that there needs to be a better way.

This is why Simon started Elevate Realty, and now, Urban Lanes – to make it easier for people who are just starting out to invest in real estate. He can’t wait to show others what he’s learned to inspire others to put their real estate investments to highest and best use.

Kenneth Tang

Kenneth is an investor, a mortgage specialist, and believes that having multiple sources of income is extremely important to make sure that he is always financially covered.

He prefers not to own turnkey condos that rely on limited rental income and appreciation. Instead, he wants to get more out of his real estate investments by getting strong cash flow, making improvements that add value, and building projects. Get in touch with Kenneth if you ever want to pick his brain!

Samantha Chan

Samantha was an engineer, an investment banker, and is currently an entrepreneur, an avid real estate investor, and the Sales & Marketing Director at Elevate Realty.

She seeks to get maximum value from her real estate investments, so most of her personal projects are big value-adds, like major renovations and building projects (yes, a laneway suite!). With her vast real estate investing experience and data insights, Samantha is happy to help clients achieve similar success through Toronto real estate investing.

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